Sunday, June 5, 2011

From the Spam Folder...

OK, so here it is again, another installment from the Spam Folder.

First up is another robo-mail attempt at poetry.

Pussy and her epoxy staircase

wren hippopotamus soda office
(URL removed)

Babe squirms and backbone whiskey

dorothy competition heron brazil exclamation
(URL Removed)

No Subject

I was tired of always having to borrow money I kept telling myself to stay optimistic this turned my luck around!! (URL Removed) now I feel whole again just wanted to help out a friend

In other news, evidently I have a hip replacement which has been recalled. I merely need to click on the link attached to the phrase: "Hip Replacement Recall Eligible for Compensation -- Just Click Here."

Of course with my "compensation" from that hip replacement I can start a business in Nevada. 

The Nevada Edge - Discover the benefits of Incorporating in Nevada.

Heard about incorporating in Nevada?
Find out what the buzz is about with our free book.

And that is it for the From the Spam Folder...

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