Monday, May 9, 2011

Announcing; Billy 365

So, I have determined that my life is not lame enough. I need to share my lameness in as many photographs as possible. Thus today, I announce the launch of Billy 365.

Starting May 10, 2011, as I am heading to Indianapolis to join the NAPWA conference, my William Shakespeare action figure will be featured in some sort of interesting, witty, or perhaps just lame image. When I go to the Capitol, Billy will be with me. Can I get his photograph with all the lawmakers in the Capitol? Can I get his picture with Gov. Rick Snyder? What will Billy find a year later at the Kalamazoo River? Indeed Billy will be having many, many adventures.

And from whence did this thought come? Check out the stormtrooper action figure photography here. Shouldn't Billy have THAT much fun too?

What would you like to see Billy doing? I will be in Indianapolis this week, and the following weekend in Rhode Island. I will of course be doing some traveling around Michigan as well, and Lansing has a plethora of places for Billy to show up. But don't hold your breath in order to see him at the $20 million hole in the ground. Do you have a favorite hang out you want to see Billy's picture take at? Well let us know!

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