Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Birds...

In one of those bizarre moments, thousands of Redwing Blackbirds began raining from the sky in Beebe Arkansas on New Years day 2011. No one knows why the birds died, but some speculate it had something to do with New Years' fireworks.

I have not idea what caused it, but it is certainly odd.

I suspect we are unlikely to ever find out exactly what caused this oddity in the New Year.

UPDATE: It was not just birds that died off on New Year's Eve/Day in Arkansas. An estimated 100,000 fish mysteriously died off in an area of the Arkansas River. No explanation for the die off has been found.


Evidently the mass die of the birds was not and is not contained to Beebe Arkansas. Here is a report from Labarre, LA.

State biologists are trying to determine what led to the deaths of the estimated 500 red-winged blackbirds and starlings on La. 1 just down the road from Pointe Coupee Central High School.

The discovery of the dead birds — some of which were lying face down, clumped in groups, while others were face up with their wings outstretched and rigid legs pointing upward — comes just three days after more than 3,000 blackbirds rained down from the sky in Beebe, Ark.

Necropsies performed Monday on the birds in Arkansas showed the birds suffered internal injuries that formed blood clots leading to their deaths, The Associated Press reported.

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