Monday, January 3, 2011

Greatest American Hero: Nostalgia and Television

I brought in the New Year watching The Greatest American Hero.

I recall the show quite fondly, though I admit I was completely unaware of all the politics and American concerns it referenced throughout its three seasons. Communists and the Reds were in nearly every episode. In one episode, there was a plot about small pox and a paramilitary group of Americans who wanted to unleash the pox on America. Another episode featured neo-Nazis. It's a fun show, although the "special effects" suck.

It does make me wonder -- what would Ralph Hinkley (another irony considering the man who attempted to assassinate then-President Ronald W. Reagan was named Hinkley) be fighting today? Here is the theme song from the show. I actually sang this as a choral piece in the early 80s, it was that popular of a song.

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