Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures of the dogs

The dogs were just too damn cute today so I shot these pictures of them as they were waking. I am still surprised Gypsy would be so nonchalant about a camera pointed in her direction. She generally hates having her picture taken.

Here both dogs are waking up from a nap. They both feel it is absolutely essential to be under the blankets when sleeping. Virgil actually pouts, with a whiny cry when he cannot easily get under the blankets. Then we he does succeed in getting under the blanket, he inevitably rolls himself up in the blankets, pulling them off of me. Gypsy, on the other hand, finds that sleeping under the blanket is only acceptable if I am there. In which case she must be laying beside me, touching me as much as possible.

Virgil has to have the first morning yawn, you know. It shows a sign of how well he slept.

Isn't she just too damn cute for her own good? The beautiful and fantabulous Gypsy, Queen of the House.

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